The ManyPole7- composite solution

ALUMAST S.A. comes out with a proposal of cooperation in the distribution of a new solution, which is ManyPole7. We are looking for Partners to jointly develop this product, so if you are bored with the routine and are looking for a new business idea, contact us and learn about the advantages of ManyPole7.

What is ManyPole7?

ManyPole7 is a multifunctional composite solution that allows you to adjust the pole to specific needs using the available accessories.

It works well at home, in the garden, at a construction site, along a road or sidewalk. All you need to do is match the right set of accessories to use the advantages of ManyPole7, tailored to your needs.

This pole solves many problems based on the construction of a composite pole with a height of 7 m and a peak force of 0.7 kN. Pole is mounted in the ground and weight only 18 kg.

Where will ManyPole7 work?

Versatility of applications
ManyPole7 is perfect for the industry such as:

  • telecommunications – as poles for the construction of a fiber optic line;
  • lighting – as park or street lighting poles;
  • construction – as a temporary power supply and lighting for construction sites;lightning protection – as a mast to protect against lightning discharges;
  • advertising – as flagpoles;
  • agricultural – as supporting poles in horticulture and hops;
  • property protection and monitoring – as a camera carrier;
  • aviation – as a mast for weather vane
  • and many, many more…

ManyPole7 is composite solution with great potential – there are many options based on one product. The versatility is the main advantage of this solution – when you buy a composite column with a height of 7 m and individual sets of accessories, you create a product tailored to your own needs. Additional advantages are the low price, easy installation even in difficult terrain and availability.

What distinguishes ManyPole7?

  1. It’s really light, just pick it up.
    ManyPole7 is a “one person pole”. This means that for transport, handling and assembly, a max. 1-2 people. You also do not need platforms or cranes or specialized tools. The assembly of ManyPole7 of such a light structure is easy and fast, without the need to pour foundations, which reduces installation costs.
  2. Meet the composite. This is the base of our success.
    This is due to the polymer composite, i.e. a multi-layer structure, incl. made of glass fabric and polyester resin. Thanks to it, the poles are extremely durable, resistant to weather conditions, road salt and animal pollution. Importantly, the poles do not have a scrap value, do not conduct electricity, do not interfere with the operation of electronic devices.
  3. Multifunctional that means what? You decide!
    ManyPole7 is an ideal base for many practical applications. It will work, among others as a lighting pole, element of the lightning protection system, installation point for surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and even as a mast for a garden sun sail, or a support for climbing plants and protective nets in orchards. Easy and quick installation favors the use of ManyPole7 in a temporary lighting installation at a construction site or teletechnical network.
  4. What we offer?
    We hope that the presented cooperation proposal and the product range in the field of composites are interesting, the more so that you will not find such a solution anywhere.

Contact our sales department for additional information on commercial terms or the ManyPole7 solution itself.

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