Energetab 2020

This year’s ENERGETAB fair, although it certainly differed from previous editions due to the current situation, is one of the successful ones! The weather in beautiful city, Bielsko, was great and for the first two days we could enjoy the beautiful sun.

We were one of about 250 exhibitors who appeared at the fair, wanting to strengthen the relationship with customers every year and show both our new, innovative solutions, such as charging stations in lighting poles, but also those already well known to our customers, such as DESIGNPOLE in version with a birch pattern.

We can also proudly announce that we have won the Medal of the President of the Association of Polish Electricians for the SMARTPOLE CHARGER product, i.e. our electric vehicle charging station, which combines the function of charging and street lighting in a composite pole, as well as the award for intelligent pedestrian crossings SMARTPOLE CROSSING, which aroused the admiration of people evaluating the products, meeting all the required safety standards. The crossings were also quite a sensation, attracting the attention of people passing by, because thanks to the curtain motion sensor that is placed in them, the sound message was heard with every person passing by. 

We invite you to see the pictures from the Energetab fair below!