Active pedestrian crossings

Active pedestrian crossings

How to effectively care for safety and improve the quality of life in a modern environment? The answer to this question is brought by both advanced and innovative technologies as well as the improvement of everyday well-known solutions. The result of combining these two elements is the SMARTPOLE CROSSING. These are active poles, caring for the level of safety of road traffic participants in the most critical points, such as pedestrian crossings.


  • non electrical conduction

  • low CO2 emission

  • increased security

What is more

  • excellent lighting for pedestrian crossings
  • curtain motion sensor within crossing
  • a luminous driver warning system about the presence of pedestrians
  • audio warning messages for pedestrians


  • pedestrian crossings

  • allcategories of roads

Why it is worth

  • SMARTPOLE solutions improve the concentration of pedestrians and drivers
  • increase the safety and visibility of pedestrian crossings
  • positively affect the flow of traffic
  • they help people with disabilities, the elderly and children
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Choose a suitable option for you

Version with a luminaire, mounted in the ground

Version with a luminaire, mounted on foundation

Standard colours included in the offer

Wide range of RAL colors


LED luminaire with an asymmetrical light distribution enabling the creation of a contrast and lighting of the pedestrian’s silhouette. With such type of luminaires, the phenomenon of driver glare does not occur. It is possible to use different color temperatures:

– white – cold
– white – neutral
– white – warm

Power from 59 to 109W

9 yellow LED lights placed inside the pole

A loudspeakerthat plays recorded warnings and educational messages, power of 20W RMS and high efficiency; resistant to weather conditions.

A curtain motion sensor detecting people at the pedestrian crossing (it is possible to adapt it to every pedestrian crossing)

D6 road sign (possibility of mounting other road signs with or without illumination)

Optional: Bracket (it is possible to choose the length of bracket)

Optional: LED board with speed radar