Electric vehicles charging station  SMARTPOLE CHARGER
Combines charging and street lighting.

Car charging station for applications in an urban environment. Intended for installation on public parking lots, in front offices, hotel and industrial facilities as well as in parking bays along streets. Ideal for installation in lighting points on the principle of replacing the old column on the composite column with the charger SMARTPOLE. Thanks to such a solution, you do not need to install additional devices.


  • mobile and multimedia solutions

  • low CO2 emission

  • safety

  • wireless lighting management

  • 100%

  • low construction

Additional possibilities

  • car charging while ensuring illumination
  • easy service  – automatic electronic switch on and shut off, client application or website
  • full safety – composite is an insulator
  • resistance to external factors and acts of vandalism – charger is mounted inside the column
  • lighting columns as an optimal charging location (parkings, staging points)
  • possibility of fast and effective extension of charging network using existing energy grid – installation of charging station by replacement of existing column
  • respect of urban space – there is no need to instal additional devices
  • the ability to configure additional options such as wireless internet (WI – FI), motions sensors etc.
  • additonal power allocation is not needed


  • hotels
  • recreational facilities
  • parks,
    squares, alleys
  • commercial facilities

European product


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