Lighting pole with hand sanitizer dispenser

Lighting pole with built in hand sanitizer dispenser by Alumast S.A. 

Our solution combines two functions – street lighting and the possibility to built in a hand sanitizer dispenser. Thanks to this solution, access to the hand sanitizer is ensured thus limiting the spread of viruses and germs.

Our product is an intelligent solution designed to maintain cleanliness and hand hygiene in public spaces, in places where many people usually pass during the day.

What’s important in current’s pandemic situation, AntiCOVID SMARTPOLE with built in hand sanitizer dispenser with motion sensor, allows non-contact dosing of liquid in places where the risk of transmission of various types of viruses and germs is high. 

The lighting pole allows the use of additional functions – connection to the power supply, monitoring and signaling of the lack of fluid in the dispenser, etc. Optionally, it is also possible to mount a device for measuring body temperature.

What is more

  • assembly without using heavy equipment
  • possible manual transfer of poles in difficult terrain
  • one truck = 300 composite poles


  • HoReCa
  • developers
  • parks,squares, streets
  • mansion objects

Smartpole antiCOVID

lighting pole with built in hand sanitizer dispenser by Alumast