Our proposal concerns the unification of a teletechnical pole with a total height of 7 m and a peak force of 0.7 kN, it is the so-called ManyPole7 product from the Fast & Easy series.
The composite structure can serve not only as a teletecommunication pole. You can easily and quickly adapt it to other, equally practical applications. All you need to do is choose the right accessories.

Find your own application for this multifunctional composite pole.

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What distinguishes ManyPole7?

  • Multifunctional means what? You decide!

  • Meet the composite. This is the basis of our success.

  • It is really light. Just pick it up.

What is more

  • assembly without using heavy equipment
  • possible manual transfer of poles in difficult terrain
  • one truck = 300 composite poles
  • two workers can assemble the composite column;
  • the composite pole does not require painting and maintenance;
  • the composite pole is 100% recyclable;
  • the composite pole is hollow, which allows cables to be routed inside it;


  • telecommunication
  • fiber optic networks
  • railway industry
  • all types of roads
  • parks,squares, streets
  • energy industry

Polish production


Multifunctional composite Pole

Wide range of RAL colors