Fiberglass flagpoles

Polymer composite is a combination of polyester resins, glass fabrics and fiberglass-reinforced glass mats to obtain a material with high strength parameters, suitable for the production of flagpoles.

Flagpole is white (without additional payment), but it can be produced in any colour included in the RAL palette. It is possible to produce multicolored flagpoles – pricing depends on the ordered quantity.

Available heights of fiberglass flagpoles: 6-12m and 13-22m (MAXIMA flagpoles)

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The flag is hoisted via the rope. The external rope is mounted on the cleat. The flag exposition depends on the gusts of wind.

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The rope is inside the flagpole and it is fixed to the internal cleat. It eliminates the noise which can be caused by the rope hitting the flagpole. It also secures the flag against theft.The flag exposition depends on the gusts of wind.

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Super Windtracker

Flagpole with an internal halyard system and a hoistable horizontal arm. This version allows the flag changing without the necessity of putting down the flagpole because you can hoist the arm. A flagpole of this type perfectly exposes your logo because the flag is always outstretched.

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High flagpoles MAXIMA

Flagpole made of polymer composite reinforced with fiberglass guarantees high strength parameters, material flexibility, resistance to salt, corrosion and acts of vandalism. Flagpole is made from tapered tube.

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