Flagpoles manufacturer

The highest quality of products is the result of over 20 years of experience, patented solutions and properties of the polymer composite and anodised aluminium, from which we produce flagpoles.

Their advantage is the lack of scrap value, corrosion resistance, as well as a wide range of flagpole types – from standard constructions to Master class solutions. Ideally suited as effective advertising and representational tools. Cylindrical, conical, sectional and portable.

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Aluminium flagpoles

Aluminium tubes made of special aluminium alloy AlMgSi with high strength parameters

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Fiberglass flagpoles

Fiberglass material made of polyester resins, glass mats and glass fibres.

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Beach flags

Winder is ideal for different kinds of events, can be installed in every place, outside and inside a building.

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Street column banner system

Multi banner system is a modern advertising to be mounted on lighting, energy and telecommunication columns.

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