Poles with pattern DESIGNPOLE, Puławy, Poland

In Puławy, Designpoles with special pattern were installed: hop leaves and hop cones. Puławy is a city located in a western part of a Lublin region, where the most of hop is produced – more than 80% of a country’s production. The pattern of composite poles were customized to the hop industry, in which our client functions.
On special customers wish, poles were equipped with additional functions:
  • LED luminaire controlled by astronomical clock, from dusk to 11 p.m. and from 5 a.m. to dawn and internal illumination of only 5W is switched on from dusk till dawn to reduce power consumption during the night when there is reduced traffic and there are only a couple of pedestrians.
  • Each pole is also equipped with a microwave sensor which, when motion is detected, illuminates parts of the luminaires, providing light to the surrounding area. Innovative composite construction allowed us to install sensors inside a pole, so it will be protected from bad weather conditions and UV radiation.
Everything blends in perfectly with surrounding, creating a beautiful landscape – poles, thanks to colour scheme, are almost invisible among the trees and plants.