Lighting columns Designpole, Szczyrk

Lighting columns Designpole, Szczyrk

33 pieces of composite lighting columns DESIGNPOLE illuminated from inside with birch pattern, with the town’s emblem and street name, 6m and 7m high, were installed on Salmopolska, Ondraszka and Zwalisko streets in Szczyrk. On Dębowa and Wczasowa streets, composite illuminated columns DESIGNPOLE with clover pattern, town’s emblem and the name of a street were installed. The investor was looking for something that would make them stand out, but what would be in harmony with the surroundings, the mountain climate and nature. Installed lighting columns, in addition to the main luminaire, have an internal illumination that ensures correct visual guidance at night. Columns with the birch and clover patterns are an element that distinguishes the city and constitute an interesting element of the landscape. In addition, these columns, in their graphics, have the city’s emblem and street name, which means that they form a kind of information carrier.
The use of composite columns with full awareness and knowledge of their advantages.





Birch, clover


Szczyrk, Poland