Composite telecommunication poles, Poland

Composite telecommunication  poles, Poland

Composite telecommunication poles for the construction of fiber optic lines were used within the framework of the Digital Poland project in the Podkarpacie region. Investor decided to buy our composite telecommunication poles, because of their numerous advantages and significant savings for the investment in comparison to concrete poles.
Due to the low weight of poles, the assembly is very quick and easy – it requires the involvement of only two people, there is no need for heavy assembly equipment and it is possible to manually move the pole in difficult terrain. The investment takes place mostly on fields and private properties. When using composite telecommunication poles, the contractor does not damage private properties during installation and without any difficulties delivers poles by hand to the places with difficult access, for example: wetlands. During the transport, 300 composite poles can fit into one truck, which significantly reduces transport costs and in the same time the costs of the whole investment, in comparison to concrete poles. What is more, there is no need of painting or maintenance of poles during its entire exploitation process, which is calculated for 40 years.



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