The activities and development of the ALUMAST S.A. are determined by SAFETY AND INNOVATION. They concernthe area of design, production, distribution and use of products as well as the search for more and more perfect solutions and new applications of polymer composites.

The essence of ALUMAST S.A. is to consolidate the leading market position and build deep partner relations with the network of distributors and recipients of innovative composite solutions around the world.

Alumast today

Alumast in 2025

Market leadership

Recognizable and valued designer and provider of composite solutions.Expanded and constantly improved distribution network around the world.


Structure based on expert knowledge, experience and striving for development.Organizational excellence based on common values and high quality activities, commitment and development of the entire team of employees.


Cooperation with the social, business and scientific environment for solving issues of security and innovation development.The company as an ideal place for work, development and improvement as well as a partner for external stakeholders, willing to share expert knowledge.


Caring for the highest quality of products and raising the safety level of passive construction.Implementation of Vision Zero, a world in which roads forgive mistakes of pedestrians and drivers, and each of them safely reaches the destination.


Development of own research facilities, increasing number of certificates, approvals and their regular re-certification. Products are used in even the most demanding industries.Searching for new applications of composite structures, increase in the number of patents and innovative solutions.