Confirmed quality and safety

We constantly monitor and improve the design and production process of our composite structures.

With the recipients, users and distributors in mind, we care about the highest quality and safety of our products. It is confirmed by key certificates and approvals as well as regular recertification of poles.

The implementation of standards in the field of material and product safety is particularly important for us, thanks to which our composite solutions are applied on all road categories, as well as in the railway, energy and military sectors.

Composite poles have a Certificate of Conformity (CE) with the European Standard EN 40-7: 2002, and also meet the requirements of PN-EN 12767: 2019. The durability, impact resistance and tightness of the structure are confirmed by IP and IK certification. Due to the strategic importance of composite solutions, the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification gave NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code 2522 H.

The company also haspositive opinions of the Railway Institute in Warsaw regarding the resistance of composite structures to high electrical discharges and short-circuit currents. As a result of the tests, the aerodynamic safety of flagpoles and low CO2 emission has been confirmed.

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