Each occasion requires a proper decoration. A flagpole is an ideal and universal solution. Its cost is low and it can be used both for displaying an advertisement and celebrating holidays by placing the national flag on it. Which flagpole to choose? The flagpole market in Poland is very wide, you can find aluminium or composite flagpoles. So what to consider when choosing the right mast for yourself? Should you take into account only the price, or also other important requirements, that the flagpole should meet? Once you decide to buy the flagpole, it is worth answering a few questions that  will surely help you to choose the right product and the material of which the flagpole is made. Let’s begin with those questions: do we want the flag display to be dependent on gusts of wind or should it be constantly displayed? should the flag be hoisted and lowered with the help of: external rope tied to the cleat, the rope hidden inside the flagpole or winch? should the flagpole be cylindrical or conical? how long is the mast planned to be used? should the flagpole be permanently mounted into the ground or should it be portable? Out of which material the flagpole should be made of? Both aluminium and composite masts have advantages that speak for their choice. The most important difference between the two is that the composite mast is more durable, which is why the warranty for brittleness of the pipe is as much as 25 years. The advantage of the composite is the fact that the material is resistant to adverse weather conditions and corrosion and has no scrap value. However, you should not completely give up aluminum masts, which also have a lot of advantages. Sectional masts have the advantage over composite flagpoles that transporting them is much more convenient. The package with the mast has a size of 380 cm, thanks to which it is possible to transport them by a forwarding company or even on the roof of a passenger car. Thanks to the sectional structure, it is also possible to adjust the diameters of the pipe segments to the customer's needs. Aluminium or composite flagpoles? There is a lot of differences between the composite and aluminium flagpoles, but the most important differences were gathered in the table:   Aluminium flagpole Composite flagpoles Available height and weight of pipes sections (6-12m); weight 7 up to 22 kg conical(6-12m): 8-25 kg   Maxima (13-22): 47-170 kg Thickness of the wall 2-3,5mm conical 3,5-4mm   Maxima 6mm Number of sections 2-4 depending on the height of the flagpole conical 1 section   Maxima 2 sections Warranty 10 years for brittleness of the flagpole, 10 years for the surface of the flagpole, 2 years for all parts of the flagpole 25 years of warranty for brittleness of the flagpole, 2 years for all parts of the flagpole   Basic – aluminium;   Other colours – according to RAL palette(extra charge) Basic – white;   Other colours – according to RAL palette  (extra charge) Is the composite flagpole more expensive than the aluminium flagpole? Comparing those two flagpole it seems as the composite flagpole - because of its 25 years - lifespan - will be much more expensive than the aluminium flagpole. The higher the composite flagpole, the lower the price calculated per meter of pipe. In case of aluminium it is completely opposite - for higher flagpoles it is necessary to use pipes with larger diameters and wall thickness, which translates into the price. Low masts - 6 and 8 meters high are slightly cheaper to be made of aluminum, 10 and 12 metre masts are more advantageous in the composite version. However the difference is almost unnoticeable. When planning the purchase of a flagpole, it should be treated as an investment not only aimed at displaying the company's advertisement, but also the opportunity to participate in state events or treating it as an element of urban architecture

    The selection of the appropriate size of the flag for the mast guarantees that it will look aesthetically and that the mast will serve for a very long time. We have a wide range of flagpoles in our offer, so choosing the right flagpole and flag should not be a big problem. The selection is so wide that we are able to choose the right flagpole and flag for every customer’s need. Types of flagpoles Our flagpoles are made of aluminum or composite. Aluminium flagpoles are sectional flagpoles, the consist of two or three aluminum tubes. The tubes are made of high quality aluminium of Polish production, the surface is protected with technical anode in natural color. Composite flagpoles are conical masts, their standard colour is white. Those flagpoles are entirely manufactured by us. Composite and aluminium flagpoles are available in three versions: the simplest version Standard flagpole - with a rope outside, intended mainly for national flags, version Super flagpole with the rope hidden inside the flagpole - perfect solution for national flags but also for advertising flags. Flagpole Superwindtracker is a typical advertising mast, it has an arm for the flag, thanks to that the flag is constantly displayed. This flagpole has another advantage - the horizontal arm is hoistable, thanks to this solution the flagpole can be easily converted to the version Standard in order to display the national flag on it. Which flag is suitable for the each type of mast? Depending on the selected type of flagpole, it is recommended to choose a different type of flag. To the Standard and Super version, it is recommended to select the horizontal flag. It has been assumed that the length of the flag should measure ¼ of the height of the flagpole. It is also worth remembering that when hanging the national flag, it is important to maintain the aspect ratio of the sides of 5:8. When buying a flagpole in the Super or Superwindtracker version, intended for an advertising flag, there are no top-down regulations that would regulate the dimensions of the flags. It is assumed that the flag is less than 1/3 of the flagpole height and no more than 150 cm wide. The width limitation results from the length of the windtracker arm, which is designed for this dimension. If a flag with a smaller width is selected, it is possible to fit the arm length to it. What are the recommended sizes of the flag for each flagpole height? When buying a flagpole, it is worth getting acquainted with the catalog card and warranty card, these documents indicate the dimensions of the flags recommended for particular types and heights of masts and information about the wind speed, when it is recommended to lower the flag. For sectional aluminum flagpoles with a height of 6 to 8 m, it is recommended to use a flag with a maximum size of 4.2 m2, for flagpoles from 9 to 12 m, this dimension is as much as 6 m2 of advertising space. For composite masts, the dimension for high masts is even greater, masts 10 to 12m can have a flag with an area of up to 7.5 m2! About what you should remember when hanging your national flag? It might seem that placing a national flag on a flagpole is no different from displaying an advertising flag. However, there are legal provisions that clearly define how the flag in the national colours should be treated. Above all, care should be taken to display such a flag in a dignified manner, it should not be dirty, crumpled or frayed. The national flag always has priority over other flags when hoisted onto the flagpoles, and it is also lowered last. It was assumed that in bad weather or on rainy days the flag should be removed so that it would not be damaged by strong winds or rains. It should also not contain any inscriptions or drawings. When deciding to buy a flagpole, it is worth considering its purpose and choosing a product that will meet our requirements. In case of problems, we can help you choose the right flagpole, flag size and help in developing the perfect advertising flag design.