Areas of application

Alumast products are a range of innovative composite solutions with a wide range of applications. The right choice of design, aesthetic and technological variants facilitates their assembly and operation, and directly affects the increase of safety and quality of life.
Choose the right solution for yourself and your industry.

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  • Railway

    High performance solutions in terms of safety and strength, meeting standards and having the required approvals.


  • Developers

    Modern and economical solutions for building investors. Easy maintenance, no scrap value, resistance to contamination. The possibility of applying any design and colours and electronic devices (monitoring, WiFi, USB sockets, etc.).


  • Infrastructure of Local Government Units

    An ideal element of urban, communal or rural infrastructure. Economic assembly and operation. No scrap value, high resistance to road salt and pollution of animals. Safe for pedestrians and drivers. Possibility to install monitoring cameras, motion detectors, USB sockets.

    Infrastructure of Local Government Units

  • Recreational facilities

    Durable, easy to assemble and maintain composite constructions work well even in very demanding conditions. They do not conduct electricity, have no scrap value, are resistant to vandalism. Possibility to mount cameras, sound equipment, video analysers, etc. Ideal for stadiums or ski slopes.

    Recreational facilities

  • Commercial buildings

    Modern and economical solutions for commercial facilities are characterized above all by high resistance to weather conditions, easy maintenance and optimal safety parameters. The possibility of mounting monitoring cameras, USB sockets, motion analyzers, and sound system.

    Commercial buildings

  • HoReCa

    Possibility to adjust the appearance, style and technical parameters of the columns. Option of mounting monitoring cameras, WiFi, sound system, motion analyzers, etc.. Permanent structures, resistant to road salt, vandalism, zoonotic contamination. Safe for the environment - they do not conduct electricity, have no scrap value.


  • Energetics

    High safety parameters, required standards, certificates and approvals as well as ease of assembly in hard-to-reach areas - composite solutions meet the increased requirements of the energy sector in the field of columns and masts.


  • Fuel stations

    Safe, durable, easy to assemble and maintain composite constructions are perfect for gas stations. They do not conduct electricity, have no scrap value.

    Fuel stations

  • Water supply

    High safety parameters, ease of assembly and maintenance (even in hard to reach areas) and no scrap value of the composite. Alumast columns and masts are an ideal solution for the water supply industry.

    Water supply

  • Roads

    Passive safety of composite structures, the ability to adjust technical and assembly parameters to the ambient conditions and economical transport, assembly and maintenance. Composite columns and masts meet the above-standard requirements of the road industry.


Our products

Based on many years of experience and constant improvement of the production process of Alumast S.A. provides its customers with excellent quality columns and masts made of composite material and high-quality aluminium. The products are distinguished by high passive safety parameters and the possibility of using intelligent technological solutions.

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Become a partner of Alumast

We constantly care about the development of the Alumast product distribution network. We work with professionals, providing them with innovative and safe composite and aluminum solutions, sought after by investors and customers in Poland and around the world.

Thanks to this, we are building a brand of reliable partners and suppliers of high-quality products who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

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Constant improvement of product quality and efficient distribution process is a simple way to common success

Alumast S.A. in the world

You can find us all over the world.

High quality parameters, passive safety of Alumast S.A. columns and masts. and innovative technologies and smart solutions used in composite constructions are recognised not only by domestic recipients.

Alumast S.A. is present in nearly 40 countries around the world.


composite columns left our production line


customers in Poland and abroad


research and development projects


advanced technologies that can be used in Smartpole

Group of Alumast S.A.

Energy Composites sp z o.o.

Producer of innovative, composite solutions for the energy industry. The company specialises in supplying transmission energy poles as well as segment and sectional service poles to the market. The company also provides a mobile service line.


An engineering company specialising in the design, comprehensive implementation and servicing of equipment for renewable energy sources. Among the company’s interests are solar energy and wind energy.


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